Corporate Solutions

Image and civility training is proven to have a positive effect on the bottom line. Empower your sales and service employees with knowledge that makes them effective representatives of your brand.

Companies that bring in Samira Gupta understand:

  • Customer relationships flourish when professionals are mindful of each impression they make
  • How your employees look and behave can be the differentiating factor between you and your competition
  • People buy experiences, not just services and products
  • Brand damage, particularly through social media, can happen quickly when employees are unprepared
  • Leaders don’t just act like leaders; they also look and communicate like leaders
  • Increased confidence can improve performance and the sense of value your employees have at work

Dining for business is not about food. You want to leave your dining companions thinking about the great conversation you had, rather than any lack of table manners. Learn about the dos and don’ts, American vs. Continental styles of eating, restaurant selection, hosting, and paying the bill.

  • Company image & Self presentation
  • Corporate & Power dressing
  • General & Business etiquette
  • Business dining etiquette
  • Effective communication skills
  • Winning Presentation skills
  • Interview skills
  • Stress management
  • Grooming & Hygiene
  • Team building & management
  • Goal setting
  • Enhanced Customer service
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales & Negotiation
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