Wine Appreciation

If you are new to wine drinking and are looking for some basic, overall wine education, Or if you’ve been enjoying wine for some time and are looking for some specific pieces of wine information you may be missing, you’ve come to the right place! Once you begin to enjoy and understand wine, you’ll also want to know proper wine etiquette. Wine is a social drink to be enjoyed with family, friends, and colleagues. Many times it will be consumed in celebration and most times with a good meal. Having proper wine etiquette is appropriate for all occasions, especially formal ones.

  • Wine glassware & tools
  • Food & wine pairing
  • Guide to tasting wine & The 5 S’s of wine
  • Facts about wine & glossary
  • Fortified & dessert wines
  • Grape varieties & basic wine information
  • How wine is produced from grape to glass
  • The difference between Champagne & Sparkling wine
  • The main wine producing countries
  • What wine labels say about the wine
  • Storing wine
  • Corked wine& screw caps
  • Decanting wine
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