Image Makeover: Be the best version of you

Donning an appropriate business attire, sharp grooming and sophistication will not only help you create a professional image but also convey certain powerful messages – Confidence, Trustworthiness, Credibility, Competence, Influence and Poise.

About our Image Makeover Program

A professional image demonstrates your values, attitude, culture, commitment and competence. Dressing, grooming, body language, etiquette & selfconfidence has a direct impact on your self-confidence, self-esteem and selfbelief.

Professional Dressing & Grooming

Dress & groom to look ready for the next level

Personal Style

Enhance your self-awareness to know what matches your personality

Convey Power & Grace

Transform the way people perceive you and create a powerful presence

The Course Structure

This makeover will align your present with your goals and dreams.

Personal style

Find your unique personal style

Professional Dressing

Appropriate, Attractive & Authentic dressing

Appropriate Grooming & Accessorizing

Sharp grooming to charm everyone with your presence

Wardrobe Management

Learn the art and science behind wardrobe management

Key Features

This image transformation is designed to uncover your & present your best version.

Virtual Sessions

No prerecorded sessions. Interactive & live sessions

Timely Sessions

Regular sessions to streamline the process of makeover

Complete Transformation

Transformation from the inside as well as outside

Personal Growth

Transform how you look and feel about yourself for personal and professional success


Mentoring for 3 months after the Makeover

Confidence Booster

Your enhanced image will boost your confidence

Join us on this journey of Self-confidence

TImage Makeover is paramount to attract the desired attention, seek opportunities and build relationships.

Our Price

14.999 + GST
INR 4,999 + GST
Per person
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