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You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure-ZigZiglar

It doesn’t matter whether you wear a fully formal attire or smart business causals, what matters is “how” you have worn them… Choosing the right color, the right fabric, the right fit and the right style are the elements that must be understood and taken into consideration every single day before you step out for work.You need to ask yourself: what message do I want to communicate through my clothing today? Formal, Functional or Casual? Authoritative, Approachable or Adventurous? Attractive, Authentic or Amiable? Etc.… Clothing demonstrates your Beliefs, Values, Attitude, Culture and so many more messages. Your clothing is your visual communicationwithout speaking a word. Dressing well has a direct impact on your self-confidence, which then impacts your performance at work. Besides getting positive attention from people around you, dressing well also conveys that you are mindful about your Self-Presentation and hence also about your work. It’s about having respect for self and others.