Dine and Wine with Panache

Our vision is to equip professionals with the skills to dine and wine appropriately through our practical demonstration, combined with experiential training of eating right and creating conversations.

Some facts about our course

Through this Dine and Wine Etiquette course you will be able to Dine confidently with anyone. You will understand the use of different cutlery, how to use chopsticks, how to eat difficult food, and everything that goes with appropriate table manners. You will also learn how to communicate over the dining table during a meal. Along with this, you will be a pro at understanding types of wines, identifying the right glasses for your wine, how to appreciate and drink wine and so much more!

Dine & Wine confidently

Knowing the right table setting, seating and usage of appropriate cutlery gives you the confidence to dine with anyone and everyone.

Personal Style

Dining Etiquette is not just about eating food, its about building relationships over a table. One can eat, drink and still conduct a business meeting gracefully.

Create an impactful and lasting impression

In a Business and Social scenario, it speaks volumes if you know the right table etiquette and communicate respect through your manners.

The Course Structure

This course aims at giving you a holistic transformation, from dining confidently to networking on the table; from how to eat difficult food to wine and food pairing.

Table setting

Knowing the right table and cutlery setting is the first step to understanding Dining Etiquette.

Eating Difficult Food

ABeing aware about the types of difficult food and handling it with grace, creates an impactful and lasting impression about you.’

Wine Etiquette

Dining Etiquette is incomplete without knowing the types of wine, how to pair wine with food, how to appreciate and drink wine.

Networking while Dining

One cannot dine in silence and feel fulfilled. Whether you are in a social gathering or a business meeting, it is respectful to have a light conversation while having your meal.

Key Features

The program curriculum is uniquely curated by Coach Samira Gupta based on her 30+ years of experience of Dining Internationally and Nationally

Virtual Sessions

No pre-recorded classes. Live and interactive sessions.

Customizable Program

Connect with us to create a unique and custom program for you based on your needs.

Experiential Learning

Practical demonstrations of different types of food and wine to enhance learning experience.

Unique and practical

Easy to understand yet impactful content to create desired results.


Mentoring for 3 months after the completion of the program.

Life Long Skill

Become confident to always have a great dining experience, no matter the situation.

Choose your plan

This program can be offered virtually as well as in person. Please see below for the packages.

Virtual Session

INR 4,999 + GST
Per person
  • Food and drinks to be
    arranged by the trainee.

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In-person session

INR 7,999 + GST
Per person
  • Food and drinks will be arranged by us at a fine dining venue. Cost will be borne by the trainee on the day of the training as per actuals.
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