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Firewalk International has now come to India, who can help with most aspects of corporate team building, motivation, change in management, or a great stress reliever. We do not give you a unique solution, but we tailor-make the course to suit your company by understanding your needs as a company and the needs of the staff as individuals.

We have experts who specialize in corporate and charity firewalking events. We are one of the best firewalk companies and now want to expand our name in India and provide you with professional, safe, and exciting events. Our experience and knowledge will ensure that we provide what we promise.

Our development program includes Team Development, Social Development, Personal Development (mind, body, and spirit), and the continuous Professional Development of the Firewalking Industry and those who work within it.

Firewalk Instructor Training

The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is a Professional Training and Personal Development course that helps in overall development. You will have the experience and skills that will help you in leading firewalks and other High Impact Empowerment Activities. The course will teach a number of different firewalks. You will learn everything and exactly what it takes to conduct a successful firewalk (Location, Materials, Health & Safety, etc.). The course also includes board breaking, arrow breaking, bar bending, and glass walking. All this helps you in understanding where and how to use these techniques in your work, new business, or existing business.

This Firewalk Instructor Training Course will be delivered by Coach Stephen Brown and Coach Samira Gupta.

Once the Firewalk Instructor Training is completed, you will be a Firewalk International Certified Firewalking Instructor.

Coach Stephan Brown is the Master Firewalk instructor and trainer.
Coach Samira Gupta is an Image coach, Life coach, Executive Presence speaker, and Motivational speaker. She will be the instructor and trainer for the training programs in India.

Firewalk Workshops and Corporate Events

The various workshops and corporate events that will be held by Firewalk International are:

Firewalking: This event will help a person in facing their ultimate fears, team bonding, realizing your true potential, and challenging your limiting beliefs. Firewalking is a powerful metaphor for broadening your beliefs and addressing your fears. Making a frightening decision, and following through with it, is empowering. It will help you with analyzing your decision well and make the right choice.

Glass walking: Glass Walking gives people a real opportunity to practice being present, being focused, and create awareness. It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and convert them into positive ones. The benefits of walking on broken glass are:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved focus
  • Overcoming uneasiness and fear
  • Channeling flexibility in oneself in dire situations

This helps in encouraging each other and supporting your colleagues and help them in all of their difficult situations and motivate them to perform well.

Board breaking: Breaking a board with your bare hands is a powerful activity that can be used as part of a conference, a team meeting, or a development program. This helps them in avoiding all their negative thoughts and make them realize that if decided, anything can be possible. The benefits of board breaking are:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improve your focus
  • Challenge yourself to achieve new goals
  • Letting go of distress

Board breaking in a team setting is an intense activity, brilliant for boosting morale and trust amongst colleagues. Team members will motivate each other by offering words of support and encouragement, which will, of course, be followed by cheers celebrating each successful board break.

Rebar bending: Rebars are steel bars that are used in construction to reinforce concrete. It is not possible to bend it with your hands. But Rebar Bend is possible; all you need to do is to challenge yourself to face your fears and live in the moment and think of victory. The advantages of practicing this activity are:

  • Learn and experience trust
  • Working together at a whole new level
  • Learn to rely on people and be confident of oneself
  • Facing your fears

This activity needs the focus of both members on themselves as well as the other person. It is perfect for focusing on trust and teamwork. It’s a compelling bonding experience for the partners as well as the whole team as they celebrate each other’s success.

Arrow Snapping: Arrow snapping is an activity where an arrow is placed at the softest part of your neck while the other end is pressed against a tree or wall and push into it until the arrow snaps. Some of the benefits of this activity are:

  • Increased confidence
  • Focus improvement
  • Challenging yourself
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety

This activity helps in boosting the team unity. We see that the members cheer for each other and boost their confidence to complete the task. And as the arrow snaps, they also cheer for completing the task successfully.

Would you like to become a firewalk instructor?

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Our Firewalk Instructor Training Course is limited to 20 participants from all around the world.