Soft Skills and Behavioral training


Go Down

Ever thought how walking on broken glass could change your life?

Walking on glass can instil an all new confidence in you, shattering your fears, phobias and limitations.

If you can conquer this challenge, you learn to conquer all other challenges in life.

This works on your conscious and sub-conscious mind and helps you become confident, daring and limitless.

A tough task, yes it is, however, if you accomplish the walk, imagine the confidence and joy it would bring to you.

From childhood, we are programmed to fear the difficult things, people and situations and more often then not we pick the program that life is difficult. This tool can help you achieve a mindset of possibility. You learn to give a positive command to yourself that everything is achievable.

YOU have the power to create your new reality: confident, fearless, powerful, capable and special.

The broken glass doesn't always cut, it can also heal!! The glasswalk can work as an emotional and spiritual healer breaking all limiting barriers within you.

You learn to be present, focused & in the moment. You learn trust others and yourself.