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Soft Skills and Behavioral training

Image and Impression Management

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About the Solution

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark-Jay Danzie

Image management is the art of packaging and presenting yourself in an appropriate andlikeable manner. In this highly competitive world you need to stand out positively, powerfully and proportionately tobe spotted for any opportunity. Image management is about managing the perceptions you creates on others using your clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette. Human memory is photographic and human mind forms an impression about you within seconds –good, bad or ugly and these impressions become “your image” in the minds of others. By learning the science and art of image and impression management you can create the best version of yourself andimpress others with your charming personality. This powerful module can help you take complete charge of how you want people to “perceive you” in their minds. Creating a great first impression is essentially the most important step towards your success.

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