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Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself.- Hormann Hesse

Inspirational leadership teams are the backbone of any successful organisation. A leadership retreat can help you build high-performance teams, ready to address the myriad issues that leaders across the industry are facing today.

What is this retreat about?

AIM&C offers a power packed 5-day retreat that would energize, rejuvenate and inspire your leaders to lead with higher levels of self-awareness, emo1onal intelligence, connectedness, better decision making, conscious communica1on, success mindset and they will be able to unlock their unlimited potential. This leadership retreat will be a major break-through in their personal and professional life.

“It is time to create a Leadership that has the power to ENGAGE, INSPIRE and TRANSFORM themselves as well as their workforce!”

Experience at the Leadership Retreat!

I AM UNLIMITED is a 5-day experience to unlock one's leadership potential, bring forth creativity, express power mindfully and witness extraordinary breakthroughs. This retreat is a combination of self-awareness, experiential workshops, vibrant activities and breakthrough moments that are aimed at bringing out the best in an individual. This adventurous journey will take place at a different idyllic location that will simulate the senses to heal, away from the hustle of the everyday life. This journey aims at building a connection with the soul, learn new skills, upgrade old skills and become ready for the challenges ahead.

Why sign up for a Leadership Retreat?

  • To build a momentum to achieve excellent results
  • To learn new skills or sharpen the old ones
  • To enhance individual and organizational productivity
  • To learn to deal with un-certain times

This retreat will empower leaders to strive for brilliance!

  • Enable leaders to align their mind, body and soul
  • Connect with oneself to create inspirational leadership
  • Grounding and summoning peace from within
  • Share a clear and compelling direction
  • Build momentum to strive for excellence
  • Create futuristic and sustainable relationships

Our Curriculum will include:

  • Self-assessment to create awareness
  • Rejuvenating activities to de-stress and connect with self
  • Workshops, Seminars and Talks to enhance essential skills
  • Experiential Transformation to bring out the best
  • Adventurous Activities to help conquer sub-conscious limitations
  • Subconscious re-programming for success and abundance
  • Create a mindset of collaboration, inclusion and appreciation
  • Fun activities to unwind and enjoy

5 Reasons why Leaders should chose our retreat -

  • An opportunity to connect with self under the guidance of professionals. Studies prove that one can achieve 3x more when the mind, body and soul are aligned.
  • Impactful Workshops by highly trained and experienced Corporate Trainers and Coaches that will address all the skills that are important for developing exemplary leadership qualities such as – Taking responsibility, Change Management, Maintaining Grace under Fire, Coaching & Mentoring Skills, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication and more.
  • This retreat ensures learning along with having fun through group and team building activities.
  • Adventurous acRviRes in Combination with NLP tools and techniques to help break barriers of the subconscious mind.
  • The idyllic location will rejuvenate and refresh the soul, helping in expanding the creative mind to learn more, innovate more and build more!



We partner with our clients for 1-Day/ 2-Day/ 3-Day and 4-Day interventions to bring about a holistic transformation. We also offer longer associations that are a combination of our Coaching & Training Services.

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