“Change is inevitable but transformation is a conscious choice.”
- Heather Ash Amara

Often when we look at successful people we feel, we want to be them. They are resourceful, secure and above all happy. It is almost like there is a glow above their heads. Imagine if you get to spend a day with such dynamic people. What would it be like? 24 hours of Ted Talk and mind-boggling exploration of human potential. But, what happens the next week or maybe just the next day? The motivational balloon starts depleting. Dear readers, transformation is no child’s play. It is a fruitful journey and not a destination. Of course, the destination you land is absolutely delicious.

There are many people who have exhibited phenomenal transformation because of a shift in their mindset. They were once in a rabbit hole and now they are at their greatest heights. It is important to believe in yourself and grab on to the opportunities. Always be optimistic and keep trying in the right direction for your goals. Be determined to keep working and strategizing your next moves.

An outer transformation which involves aspects of dressing, grooming, etiquette, personal style can enhance your image significantly. However, these aspects are a projection of what is inside. Hence, a holistic transformation would include inner transformation as well, which works on goal setting, confidence building, self-belief and various soft skills. A combination of these skills can contribute to greater productivity and self-satisfaction.

An individual is a package of attitude, beliefs, values, habits, and emotions. Every individual has capabilities and unique talents. The transformation of an individual requires shifts. The individuals can start a clean slate and with a solid perspective. There is a shift in beliefs, values, habits, languages, emotions and strategies. Let us understand what these shifts are.

Shift in beliefs

Believing in self is well said than done. Especially, when one has hit rock bottom or is stuck. It is a conscious step towards success. No matter where you are or what you are doing, it is important to have tremendous belief in yourself. It means to believe in the words ‘I can do it’. This ignites a sense of responsibility towards self. Later, it translates into a great amount of strength to execute your goals and reach the pinnacle.

Shifts in values

Every individual has a set of values imbibed or inherited. These values act like pillars of direction in life. It is important to select the best route of your journey to reach the destination. Similarly, a strong value system will make decision making better. You are the consequence of your choices. And, your values to embark upon ethical and fair choices will fetch long term success.

Shift in habits

Pick up good habits seems cliché; on the contrary, it is contemporary. Your habits can either build you or destroy you. And, good habits act like a catalyst in the process of achieving goals. They bring about discipline in your day to day life. Discipline is most essential. It will enable you to focus on your goals.

Shift in languages

Your language is a subpart of your habit. The words like positivity and goodness are languages. These languages build ones’ self-esteem. It also creates a good impression in the minds of others. Hence, negating your experiences and expressions is the worst one does. Expressing your thoughts in an optimistic way is essential.

Shift in emotions

Emotions are a state of mind. There are three traditions of emotions, viz. feelings, evaluation and motivation. So, emotions can either enhance your feelings or confuse you. Emotions need to be compatible. The basic instinct of human beings is survival. Thus, no matter how low one feels or how high and celebrated one feels, emotions should be under control. That is how it is feasible to analyze a situation and take the right course of actions.

Shift in strategies

Success is the result of the right action at the right time in the right place. But sustaining the success requires relentless strategizing. The ladder of success needs to be a set of strategies. Your strategies should define long term longevity. It needs to be in a healthy fashion. Your strategy needs to foresee how your future could be. It allows room for possibilities. Thus, the implementation of strategies should be fruitful.

Why Transformation coaching?

  • Safe space to express
  • Exploration of inner potential
  • Roadmap to success
  • Analysis of calculated actions
  • Guidance to stay relevant

Transformation coaching serves as a safe platform to express your thoughts. The coaches are capable of dissecting your life and reviving it. The endeavour is fuelled by numerous impactful conversations. These conversations untangle the mental blocks. Your thoughts, approach to life and opportunities, and lifestyle will be shifted to create the best impact. It will lead you closer to success each day. Your Transformation coach is nothing less than a torchbearer for your best version. She will redefine your beliefs, values, habits, languages, emotions and strategies.

With the help of a professional Transformation coach, one can achieve a fresh mindset. It is best, not to wait for another major crisis. Rather, if you are still reading it is a sign you go for it or inform the ones you feel, need one. Thus, it is hardly surprising that everyone can be successful. Take the plunge and reach the best Transformation coach.

While one can seek help from a transformation coach, you can also become one. Coach Samira Gupta, a renowned Coach, Consultant and Corporate Facilitator has recently launched a Transformation Coach Certification Program, open for everyone. The journey will begin in May 2021, expected to culminate by October 2021. The 6 month journey will not only certify you as a Transformation Coach, but also transform you in the process. How fulfilling will it feel to impact and empower the lives of others, enabling them achieve success.

As a Certified Transformation Coach, you can help people embrace themselves and feel confident from within. This Certification has the power to bring out the best in you and enable you to bring out the best in others. The foundation of the course is #TransformYourselfTransformTheWorld .

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Samira Gupta is a Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author, with over 22 years of experience in the corporate world and over 7 years in corporate training, executive presence coaching and image consulting. She aims to bring about a 360° transformation in her client’s lives.

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