Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life, and an equally strong means of business expansion. There are various communication methods that businesses rely on for promotion of an organization and its offerings, delivering and receiving information, and as a means of relaying between a supply chain. It must be understood that business communication is the mutual exchange of understanding, which originates with the receiver.

This can be either be via spoken, unspoken (body language), or written methods which again varies between internal communication including upward, downward, and horizontal within a firm; and external communication with those outside the organization including investors, clients, vendors, customers, and others.

Since communication refers to the transmission of any message, it can occur over any medium. As a result, corporate professionals are required to hone their communication skills in various forms. Their spoken language differs while conducting interviews, attending meetings, giving instructions, giving presentations, and telephonic conversations.

In addition, non-verbal or unspoken communication holds crucial importance, a conscious effort to which garners significant benefits. Facial expressions reveal seemingly hidden emotions such as anger, confusion, enthusiasm, feat, etc. while gestures and postures are more revealing than words. For instance, a firm handshake indicates confidence and warmth, while moving back and forth can indicate nervousness. Appearance, silence, time, and sounds are other forms of non-verbal communication that play a crucial role in creating impressions.

A corporate professional is also required to have astute, articulate, and crisp written communication. The formats of composition again differ between emails, reports, articles, blogs, Q&As, memos, policies, circulars, profiles, and letters.

Mastering the versatile art of communication provides the key to personal and business growth. Strong communication binds both internal and external professional relationships and provides the pedestal for work efficiency. It helps instils effective collaboration among people and between organizations, thereby increasing productivity.

Albeit effective communication leads to lesser room for error, mistakes are inevitable in the corporate world. Business communication thus plays an integral role in creating friendly and motivated environments despite any conflicts or adversities.

Briefly understanding the intricacies of business communication, it becomes imperative for corporate professionals to seek relevant training. The world of business runs via strong communication and individuals only become leaders in the corporate realm when they implement effective communication strategies.

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