Most of us, irrespective of what field we are in, have certain fears that are embedded into us. These fears often have their roots from our childhood, but they stay with us for a major part of our lives. There are certain points in time when we feel that these fears cripple us while taking important decisions, and we need to overcome them. But we struggle to find a way that will help us overcome these fears and will make us a better version of ourselves. According to many popular life coaches, Glass-walking is one such way.

What is glass-walking?

Glass-walking is an activity that requires the participant to walk barefoot on a bed of shards of glass.

The definition is sure to make you think that one must be out of one’s mind to participate in such a dangerous and horrific activity. But the real action is apparently much less dangerous than it seems to be. Various organizations conduct glass-walking under trained experts, which significantly reduces the risk factor involved in the activity.

These days, glass-walking has gained immense popularity as an exciting team-building exercise for corporations alongside other such activities such as fire-walking. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that besides being a stress-busting and bond-building activity, glass-walking also changes the participant’s mindset for the better for the rest of his/her life. It is an activity that does not require the participant to have any pre-requisite knowledge. To participate in glass-walking, one simply needs a strong desire to improve as a person.

Why do people do glass-walking?

The fears that are deeply rooted in our hearts often handicap us while making important decisions and choices that can have serious consequences. This often bars us from being the best version of ourselves in the face of demanding situations and leads to mediocre or bad decision-making. So, it is important that we take measures that would help us break the shackles that our fears have imposed on us.

Glass-walking is an activity that encourages the participant to face his/her fears rather than running away from them. It teaches the participant to make decisions knowing that it can have severe consequences. This way, glass walking, as an activity, simulates the numerous situations that require a person to take decisions under adverse circumstances.

Glass-walking helps people uncover their true potential. Once a participant starts walking on the shards of glass, he/she realizes how strong he/she always has been, and it’s just that they did not realize it. This understanding enhances their self-belief and self-confidence, and they become better human beings than they were on the other side of the obstacles.

How is glass-walking beneficial?

The thing about fears is that they affect everyone irrespective of their profession, age, or gender. So, activity is truly beneficial if it can help people from varied backgrounds and professions. That is precisely what glass-walking does. It offers multiple benefits to all participants who are brave enough to take part in it.

Firstly, after you complete the glass-walking activity successfully, you manage to set yourself free from fears that you thought were impossible to overcome. This knowledge does a world of good to your self-belief. From then on, you approach every task with a new-found positivity and self-confidence that helps you do it better.

Secondly, Glass-walking makes the participant realize how strong and capable he/she has always been. The person realizes that he has all the ingredients that make a successful human being, and this realization instills an indomitable sense of confidence in his mind. It helps the participant make better decisions, even in the most adverse circumstances, and increases his productivity.

Glass-walking is a team-building activity that is rarely heard of. So, the chances are that most of the people have not tried it. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity to try out something new, something that is out of everyone’s comfort zone.


Prominent modern-day life coaches like Samira Gupta suggest glass-walking as a team-building activity that corporates should encourage their employees to participate in. It increases their productivity as employees, improves their decision-making capabilities, serves as a perfect bond-building activity, and also acts as a stress-buster, making it perfect for both the employees and the employers.

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