Personal branding is of paramount importance for the 21st century professional. To succeed in the contemporary world, irrespective of the field, one needs to cultivate a great image. Presenting yourself as a successful person is crucial to succeed in personal and professional lives. The image that you build in the public eye is considered to be a manifestation of certain personal traits. When we talk about image, it is not just about the physical appearance of a person, but also the overall public image. This comprises elements like public behaviour, social involvement, and thought leadership, among other things.

The creation and maintenance of this positive public image is called Image Management.It is a holistic activity that requiresa keen understanding of the trends, current affairs, social and cultural sensibilities of the audiences, and managing a spotless persona across the various mediums round the clock. When your career and life is on the upswing and fame comes to you, it is accompanied by constant media attention. Every step that you take, and every public appearance made is deeply dissected to influence opinions about you. Hence, there are certain steps and social behaviour precautions that a successful professional must take to avoid any negative publicity.

Good image consultants are unlike a typical PR agent who would periodically keep circulating positive news and information about you to the conventional and digital media. They are seasoned professionals with a good understanding of public sentiments and things that help in maintaining a favourable public image and help in cultivating your appearance and social behaviour.

A professional image consultant would guide you to create a positively impactful persona on the four key parameters.

Physical appearance: In the world of image management, a person is often known for what he/she wears. Whether it be the distinct hoodies of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or the spotless whites worn by politicians, clothes go a long way in creating an easily identifiable image for a person. Being well-versed with the dressing trends and your target audience, a good image consultant would ensure that you are dressed for the occasion, every single time.

Body language: The way you appear in public is a strong indicator of whether you are at the top of your game or struggling to stay ahead. Whether it is eye contact, handshake or the way you sit or walk in public,anything can be a deal breaker. The most iconic case of body language altering careers was witnessed in the year 1960 during the American Presidential elections. In a televised debate between Richard Nixon and his challenger John F Kennedy, the latter emerged victorious after his body language conveyed decisiveness, confidence and energy as compared to Nixon who looked pale and sickly. A good image consultant won’t let that happen to you.

Behaviour: One needs to be measured in terms of their behaviour in public. Irrespective of your personal preferences, you can’t come across as a reserved or cocky person. Your image consultant will guide you to cultivate a warm, empathetic, and socially responsible personal image.

Social media and publicity: In the world of internet and social media, there are numerous platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. These platforms have ensured that any information related to a famous person spreads far and wide. Hence, it is essential to constantly monitor all such platforms and actively promote positive news/views about the person. Being a busy and successful person, it is not possible for you to effectively monitor and maintain a compelling presence on all the channels. However, your image consultant can manage your image on your behalf.

In conclusion

Personal branding is vital to career growth and long-lasting public support. In today’s extremely competitive world where constant media glare and social media attention is an integral part of a professional’s life, it is essential to cultivate a compelling image by leveraging the expertise of a professional image consultant irrespective of your field of operations.

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