All of us, at some point in our lives, must have come across the saying that we need to raise ourselves above our fears to uncover our true potential. This must-have triggered a thought process inside us about how to overcome the petty fears that shackle us. Well, life coach Samira Gupta has an excellent answer to this question. Firewalking.

What is fire-walking?

Fire-walking is an activity that requires the participant to walk barefoot on a bed of hot embers.

Though the definition might sound horrific to many, the real action is not nearly as horrific. Fire-walking is nothing new in this world. It has been practiced in many civilizations of the ancient period, mostly as litmus tests for strength, courage, and religious beliefs.

Nowadays, however, thanks to prominent life coaches like Samira Gupta, fire-walking is gaining popularity as a corporate team-building or stress-busting activity. After knowing the benefits of the activity, more and more corporate houses are encouraging their employees to participate in fire-walking. These activities are performed under highly trained experts so that the chances of any physical harm is reduced to almost zero.

Why do people do fire-walks?

Right from our childhood, we develop certain fears. The years pass by, and we develop into adults, become executives or other important professionals, but those fears remain in our hearts, undiluted and undisturbed. These fears laden in the depths of hearts may sometimes tinker with our decision-making and keep us from realizing our full potential. This is undesirable as it does not let us achieve our goals and stop us from being the best version of ourselves.

This is where fire-walking comes in. It is an activity that requires zero pre-requisite knowledge and understanding. The only thing it requires is a burning desire to become a better person. It makes the participant face the fear of fire, a fear that almost everybody has. Fire-walking is analogous to many real-world circumstances as it involves making a decision and bearing its consequences, which apparently seems to be very harsh. It is like a simulation of corporate decision-making problems.

People do fire-walks because it helps them realize that they were always brave and capable enough; they just did not know it. This understanding gives them a major boost in whatever they do from then on, professional and personal. Once they reach the other side of the bed of obstacles, they emerge as better human beings.

How is fire-walking beneficial?

According to modern-day life coaches, fire-walking has a great many benefits to offer to every person who strives for personal development. Be it executives, teachers, students, or people from any other walk of life, fire-walking offers something beneficial to everyone.

First of all, fire-walking is a very exciting activity, but it is rarely heard of. So, the chances are that most people have never tried it or even heard of it. Hence, this might be a great opportunity to try something out of one's comfort zone, something that enhances you as a person.

Successfully completing a fire-walking drill does a world of good to the self-confidence of the participant. The fact that he has overcome a barrier that seemed almost impossible at the start serves as a major confidence booster, and this confidence spills on to everything that he does or says from then on. So, he becomes a better employee, a better student, a better version of himself.

Fire-walking can help the participant discover his true potential. It makes him realize that he always had what it takes to succeed in life. He finds strength, discovers self-belief, and becomes a more calm and composed individual even in the face of the direst and most demanding circumstances.

Fire-walking lets you overcome the fears that you thought you would have to live with for your entire life. This realization that you have left behind those fears which seemed impossible to overcome will make you indomitable and will make you feel indispensable.


Fire-walking is perhaps the most exciting corporate team building activity that you can engage in, and perhaps it is way more than that. Take on this challenge and see yourself undergo a substantial change for the better.

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