You have an important corporate presentation in three days and no time to shop for the required set of clothes. Though you have your own well-crafted ‘style’, it cannot be jeopardized just because you are busy.

If you have faced such a situation then you need a personal shopper (personal stylist as they are called now). A personal shopper is someone who takes care of your need for clothes, accessories, and other such things. They create this sync between your inner personality and public persona to make an impression of ‘success’ and ‘positivity.’

As a busy executive, you probably have your team of an executive assistant, personal therapist, physical trainer, advisers and employees in place already. With such an impactful team in place, what you can’t do is to let your ‘image’ slip at any point. Just the way, your personal assistant schedules your meetings and takes care of your logistics requirements, a personal shopper will help align what you wear perfectly with your image.

Personal shoppers put together wardrobes for anything from a one-time need such as business trips; a season or few months; or help build the entire wardrobe over several years. As a part of your team, your personal shopper will constantly keep an eye on the latest trends, in-demand designers, deals and offers from high-end outlets matching your style, and will make sure that you always get the best. Since they are well connected to brands, they will always be among the first to know whenever something new and exciting is coming up.

Personal shoppers are different from stylists in the sense that they do not tell people what to wear—rather they make them buy better by making them understand how to match outfits, what colors suit them, and which style is appropriate as per the occasion or premise. Personal shoppers help clients determine the additional clothes they would need and come up with a budget.

They are also capable of understanding people’s physical and psychological characteristics, values and traits. Depending on these and an assessment of their lifestyle, personal preferences, body and face shape, and color characteristics, personal shoppers will recommend styles, fabrics, patterns, and accessories that will suit clients.One of the positive aspects of a good personal shopper is their ability to develop trusting relationships with clients. The fact that they get to know their likes and dislikes makes them offer guidance instead of pushing any personal preferences.

Personal shoppers spend anywhere between two to three hours – or sometimes even more – for shopping. One of the biggest myths about them perhaps is that they are not affordable. The truth is, personal shoppers are way more affordable than you might assume and are indispensable for your professional image.

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