Unlike the labour-intensive days of the industrial age when a person was off work as soon as he stepped out of the workplace, today’s employee is technically forever on the job. Advancements in communication technology, smart phones with synced emails and chat tools ensure that they are connected to their jobs 24x7, even on the weekends. This digital accessibility has resulted in people finding it increasingly difficult to unwind. The concept of work-life balance emphasizes on dividing one’s time and energy on work as well as other important areas of life such as personal development, relaxation, family, and hobbies etc. While striving for workplace excellence career growth and monetary hikes, men and women often find it tough to spend time on themselves, family, friends, social interaction, meditation, and various other activities.

Impact of poor work life balance on men

Almost every employee feels the need to achieve more personally, professionally and monetarily, and this need makes one cut down on the life hours to give more time to work.However, there are various work activities that can negatively impact mental health. Factors like work-place stress, office politics, solitary working conditions, fear of losing the job, absence of rewards and acknowledgement of performance and lack of control on the job can lead to physical as well as mental health concerns.To an extent, stress or adrenaline rush can be healthy and push one to perform at optimal levels. But, if it becomes a way of life and a man starts encountering stress on a daily basis, then it can prove overwhelming and debilitating. Studies haverevealed that 95% of Indian millennials admit to being under stress[1], and majority of those are affected by work-life related stress.It thus becomes imperative that thought leaders redefine the work-life balance levels in accordance with today’s times.Giving employees time they desire to regroup and restore their balance between work and life is of utmost essence.

The support of a coach

Executive Presence coaches are people who understand the importance of work-life balance, the negative impacts of not having it, as well as the life enriching benefits when an equilibrium is achieved.Good coaches will train men to effectively deal with the issue and they are instrumental in helping one achieve the synchronization between mind and body through meditation, yoga and various other efficiency enhancing techniques. Executive coaches address topics like healthy eating, quality of sleep and exercise. By indulging in stimulating and relaxing activities, a person can not only achieve a positive outlook for self, but also radiate positivity to those around him.

It is agreed that there might not be an easy way of achieving work-life balance, but once mastered, it is a tool that will enhance work productivity, improve quality of relationships and lead to overall betterment of life!

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